• Traditional Ban Thai Thaimassage

    For physical and mental wellness

  • Traditional Ban Thai Thaimassage

Ban Thai Thai-Massage or
Nuad Phaen Boran Thai-Massage

The traditional Thai massage consists of passive stretching and stretching exercises inherited from yoga. Gentle joint manipulations, acupressure and reflexology.

Through targeted stretching and stimulation of the acupressure points and energy lines, a long-lasting physical well-being is achieved.

These very special massage and stretching techniques make the whole body supple and relaxed. Unlike many other massage methods, Thai massage does not require massage oil.

The massage is done on the floor on a special mat. The grips take place in a slow, meditative sequence along the energy pathways of the body and are usually completed with a stretch.

Muscles and tendons are relaxed, blockages are released and energy channels are opened. The body is harmonized and it gives a feeling of fabulous lightness and the flow of life energy.

Traditional Thaimassage

Our massages are not medical treatments, even if they are good for your health. Of course they can be applied without problems. In case of acute or severe chronic illnesses, after injuries, operations and in case of any doubt, please ask your doctor beforehand and inform us about existing health problems before each treatment.


Tipp: One hour before a massage, you should not take a larger meal. You can intensify the beneficial effects of a Ban Thai Thai massage by drinking plenty of water and having a rest after the massage. We offer enough opportunities for relaxation in our institute.

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